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I hate it when I watch a movie and after it has finished wonder what the point was.That is sadly the case when it comes to "How Not to Propose" as it just doesn't seem to know what it is or where it is going and that leaves you with the what was the point feeling.Travis (Ryan Merriman) and Lena (Kayla Ewell) have been dating for a while and Travis feels ready for the next step and goes out to buy a beautiful and expensive diamond ring.But then the bad luck starts to hit as he is let go from his sales job, his writing career is going nowhere and his brother, Cedric (Adam Korson), is less than supportive when it comes to Travis trying to grow up.And here in five years I became world champion among juniors.

Naturally, online dating best site they crash into me � and in all directions!

Her father is a cardio-vascular and thoracic surgeon whereas her mother was formerly an environmental engineer. They were raised in Edgewood in Florida and attended Lake Highland Preparatory School.

Her parents are active members of the Republican Party, but she supports Barack Obama.

Despite this Travis plans to take Lena away on a glamping trip so he can propose, except nothing goes as planned as they bump into an old boyfriend of hers.

And then Lena drops a bombshell, she has been offered a position at a prestigious medical program in Munich.

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