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Advantages of Directory Update include: There are flexible and versatile applications that perform many of the same tasks as Directory Update, but cost 10 times what Directory Update costs; there are also similar applications that offer fewer features, less flexibility, higher deployment costs.

The product is customized through the use of options available in XML files.

When it finds a match it updates # the jpeg Photo and thumbnail Photo attributes for the account with the jpg file # Credit for Resize Image Function goes to Lewis Roberts # # # USAGE: .\Set-ADPhotos.ps1 -jpgdir "c:\photos" -OU "LDAP://ou=staff,dc=foo,dc=com" param ( [string]$jpgdir, [string]$OU ) Import-Module Active Directory Function Resize Image() foreach ($photo in (Get-Child Item -Path $jpgdir -File)) Did I mention that I had some help from the Googles?

We are currently using Jabber version 10.5 and we are connecting to Active directory for contact details.

The administrator adds/enables the fields that he/she wants made available to the user's of Directory Update.

Directory Update was originally designed to be a web-based version of Microsoft’s GALMod utility.

Today I got to have the joys of needed to once again get caught up on importing employee photos into the Active Directory photo attributes, thumbnail Photo and jpeg Photo.

All that said, here’s the actual script code: # Set-ADPhotos.ps1 # Description: For each file in a given directory it searches AD for a matching username.

I posted the event logs on technet as well but no one has provided any input yet. The issue is fully understood and has been debugged internally, and the fix was scheduled to be released as part of the 2B (mid-February) release cycle, however, as you can read about on the MSRC blog, the updates are being delayed to March. Disable the "Enable desktop composition" performance option (win 7 only)" and windows default theme as suggested by Ryan Ries above.

Someone from MSFT suggested I apply a years old update and reinstall RSAT after applying the update.

This is a new MSI compatible installer that enables system administrators to install the JRE across the enterprise without end user interaction.

Integrated with the MSI Installer is the Java Uninstall Tool, which provides the option to remove older versions of Java from the system.

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