Tran sexual chatrooms

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LGBT Health and Wellbeing offers support through our Transgender Support Programmes (TSP) in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.We welcome trans female/feminine, trans male/masculine, genderqueer, non-binary identities as well as intersex people, people who cross dress and those who are exploring their gender identity. Depending on where we pick up our story, it all traces back to our high school years.

The main part of our story happens when you fast forward past our high school years, our twenties and even most of our thirties.There is the option of arranging face to face appointments with staff, chatting on the phone or obtaining advice or information via email.Social events: ‘T time’ is an informal social gathering welcome to all transgender people and their supporters.Transgender was listed as a condition in a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) 'Directory of Diseases' and recruits who outed themselves to the examining doctors at the Central Manpower Base (CMPB) at Depot Road had their 'deployability' denied in sensitive positions.They were classified as Category 302 personnel, downgraded to a Physical Employment Status of C or E and assigned only non-combat roles at military bases.

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