Nick jonas and chloe bridges dating

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They shared their cutest pictures via their social media on Valentine's Day.

Chloe gained fame from Disney's Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam in 2010.

The couple met on the sets of horror film I do my best to not get too deep in the doghouse.

I’m still a child to where I think that, like, attacking her with smooches is the best way to do it.

They would refer to Dana as Switzerland — she doesn't get involved in the Camp Rock/Camp Star battle thing.

She ends up liking Nate (Nick Jonas) and Nate likes her and they have a little romance.

She actually approaches him, flirts with him first, which is I think is awesome.

Bridges talks about why her role is the "Switzerland" of all the characters and how she accidently pushed Jonas, 17, into freezing cold lake water. Chloe Bridges: I play Dana, the daughter of the owner of the rival camp [Camp Star].

The cool thing about Dana is she is just real and raw and honest and uninhibited — she is definitely an empowered female.

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