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Sexual Violence Reporting Form If You are a Victim of Sexual Violence Reporting the Assault Alcohol, Drugs, and Rape Reducing Your Risk of Sexual Assault Helping a Friend Who Has Been a Victim of Sexual Violence Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence Stalking Institutional Disciplinary Processes Victim's Options Bystander Prevention Resources Educational Programs, Training Immediately go to a safe place.This may be a friend's room, MTSU University Police, the Murfreesboro police station, the hospital, or another place where you feel safe and are safe from harm. Call a friend, a family member, or someone else you can trust to be with you.

She was a nursing major in 2006 when an automobile accident left her paralyzed and wheelchair bound.

You can call MTSU University Police at 911 or 615-898-2424.

You may also call the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program at 615-896-7377 (24-hour crisis line: 615-494-9262 or 615-896-2012) where volunteers are available 24 hours a day to respond. Do not shower, bathe, douche, or otherwise clean yourself. Do not eat, drink liquids, smoke, or brush your teeth if oral contact took place.

Amendments or revisions to cited policies become effective when approved by the Middle Tennessee State University Board of Trustees or by the President.

While every effort is made to keep this Web site current, it is possible that certain provisions may be superceded by revisions or amendments approved but not yet posted.

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