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But what’s often overlooked is how many pieces have to come together for a hardware company’s founding team (industrial design, mechanical, electrical and often software engineering plus a hustler who can make manufacturing and distribution a reality.

It’s tremendously difficult and rarely do these people just happen upon each other day-to-day.

I had to write back that while I most definitely Hey [Name], I was asked to vouch for a few people to join Founder Dating – an invite-only network of entrepreneurs (50% engineers) all ready to start their next side-project or company. Specifically: Here is a screen shot of the form (I blurred the names): If you click “See/edit this message” in the bottom left corner, this is what you see: To reiterate, all Founder Dating did was send a message I didn’t like to a few people I chose.

In addition to requesting that I make clarifications to this post, Ms. I would also like the default message to be less annoying.

I didn’t have to do it but I thought oh well, I guess I’ll do it and see what happens. I understand social networking and I understand that when you give an app permission to access a social networking account, your contacts will see that you used it. I don’t remember being asked to approve the wording–because if I had been asked, I most certainly would not have approved the wording.

[Edit: there actually was a link to “see/edit this message” at the bottom left of the form. I have written to Linked In’s support team notifying them of this abuse of their API Terms of Service.

I have over 500 contacts on Linked In, so how many should I invite to be sure I get in?

In addition to that, we launched the Co Founders Lab Learning Center to support entrepreneurs via [email protected] we have a new personalized dashboard for registered users, improved matchmaking algorithms, new advanced search, a more intuitive messaging system, online courses with domain experts (e.g.

Also, to show our token of appreciation to everyone on PH, please use the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT to receive a 25% off from any purchase on Co Founders Lab or from any purchase from the Co Founders Lab Learning Center. We are now 250,000 entrepreneurs and counting :)@bentossell we launched yesterday the new Co Founders Lab platform which we have been working on very hard for the past year.

I am one of the cofounders of the holding company, Onevest. As a side note we announced yesterday the acquisition of Founder Dating (read more about it here Founder Dating and our very own Co Founders Lab will join forces to continue building one of the largest networks for entrepreneurs online.

The company does some shady things that could get them in a lot of trouble.

If you work here, you might not be able to leave because she also gives awful backdoor references to anyone that tries to leave.

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