Dating a female black belt

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I'm married now...I earned a black belt in Kodokan Judo at age 12, boxed in Golden Gloves in my teens, and earned black belts in four other martial arts..I was in my 20s, one of my instructors had males and females in one art..had us practice with members of the opposite sex, having the correct idea that a lady wouldn't know what to do, in real life, if she didn't go up against a male of superior height, weight, etc.I'm 63 years old now...but, as I joke, "40 years and 40 bodies ago (referring to me) ) I sparred with a most lovely lady...Not sure whether to put this in the MMA, dating, or humor section. Guys, do you like the idea of dating someone like Ronda Roussey? Ladies, would you like to date a guy that That's what I thought too, but I think it means that in wrestling if one person is in a hold like their arm being twisted up their back or something then they can give up or submit.

“He was never late and always knew his lines*.” Maybe he’d heard about her taekwondo.

I can't see it being relevant for any reasons more beyond worries about social backlash from others because of meaningless stereotypes and perceived gender roles...

even if abuse is an issue it's not as relevant as people might think.

"Tougher" has a lot of possible contexts - some good, some evil.

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