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It can be overwhelming, and coupled with trying to write a focused resume that captures all the relative experience can send clients into a death spiral of "analysis paralysis." They procrastinate, research on line or ask for help.

I enjoy working one on one and forming an effective working alliance with my clients.

As we will see, the answer to that question is, "No"--despite the fact that the SDA Church now uses the term "Trinity." (As for Ellen G.

White, she was careful never to use the term in all of her published writings--a remarkable feat, considering her extensive plagiarism.) The reality is that Seventh-day Adventism is actually anti-Trinitarian and teaches Tritheism (three gods), just like the Mormons do.

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As a resume writer,career coach, educator, and presenter, I help clients reach their career goals.I assist them in discovering their added value and contributions to an organization.A focused resume that defines career values, skills and strengths with precisely worded accomplishments gets attention.Confidence grows as we discover strengths and abilities that help focus the resume on specific industries or job postings.Most people have little idea how many skills and strengths they possess.

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